STOIK Imagic

STOIK Imagic 5.06.3647

Feature-rich image manager with photo and video editing tools


  • Intuitive interface
  • Includes editing tools and special effects
  • Lets you create video compositions with photos


  • Special effects vary a lot in quality


STOIK Imagic is a complete photo manager that lets you organize, view and customize your photos very easily.

The interface in STOIK Imagic is very similar to other image managers, with the folder tree-like structure on the left side and the contents of the selected directory displayed on the main area. Thumbnails are quite generous and allow a good picture preview. Also, hovering your mouse over any image displays an even bigger thumbnail.

Double clicking on any image in STOIK Imagic opens it in full size. Then, if you click the Photo tab, you’ll access the program’s other big asset: a wide array of adjustments, effects, textures and editing tools with which you can customize your image. Unfortunately the quality of these tools varies a lot; while the artistic effects can achieve pretty impressive results, other elements such as the textures or the “Create & Fun” items didn’t meet our expectations.

A third tab in STOIK Imagic, Video, helps you create a video presentation with your photos including background music, text effects and transitions. Other more advanced features of STOIK Imagic, like panorama and HDR stitching and RAW image development, are only available in the Premium version.

STOIK Imagic is a full-featured image manager that also includes a bunch of editing tools and special effects to liven up your pictures.

STOIK Imagic


STOIK Imagic 5.06.3647

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